Hamperor.com Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I claim money instead of coupon code?

Unfortunately, we do not allow to claim money upon coupons. But we do massive discounts seasonally. Appreciate you are your understanding

Can I transfer coupon code to someone?

Yes, you can! You are most welcome to gift your gift (coupon code) from us to your lovely friends or families. We do not reduce or reject your offer at all. But make sure you do not duplicate the code as our system will not accept same coupon code twice or more

I forgot to add coupon code in my order. How can claim my coupon?

No worries. Let us know your coupon code via email: hamper@hamperor.com.au along with your order number. We will refund your money you’ve extra paid before you added the coupon code. Please make sure you send your coupon code within 3 hours. If the code was issued with the order you placed, please hold it to your next order.

Can I get refunded?

Yes, Sure. We will be refunding your money if you contact us within 3 hours of placing the order and
you will be receiving the payment back in your account within 3-5 business days.

How can we trust your company?

Hamaperor.com.au is a secured and well-established company of R S P Holdings Australia (ABN:
52508175849) since 2010. 100% Australian secured business with full transparency. Locations are
disclosed and clearly mentioned on the website as well as Google map and Hamperor.com.au is a
family-owned business.

Do you deliver outside Australia?

Yes. We do. We do send orders to any country in World. You must contact us visit
hamper@hamperor.com.au or call 1300 52 92 93 or text/whatsapp/viber on +61414077559 for
instructions. In the website order form on the website only allows you to send hampers within
Australia only.

How long will it take to deliver my order?

Generally, we dispatch orders withing 10 hours from our warehouse. It is normally delivering within
2-5 business days to the recipient subject wherever in Australia.

How can we trust your site?
  • It’s a 100% secured by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate which means your data you enter to at our website is much secure and will not be stolen by any cyber thieves. SSL also protects websites from data breaches, phishing scams and many more threats. Ultimately, SSL builds a secure environment for all the site users as well as our Hamperor company.
  • We were serving communities in Australia since 2004 in tech support such as website design/development, social media, and publications like SLD as well as much importantly in customer services. We have more than 15-year experience of serving customers in high satisfaction and results-oriented. Specially we have experience in delivering magazines for over 10 years effectively. This hamper site is developed mainly to provide our clients a valuable platform for their customers by appreciating valuable contributions to their business. We love when people smile. Our business is your trust and happiness. So, we promise to keep it forever with our much dedicate team of excellent employees.
  • Shipping Tracking system; as soon as we dispatched the hamper from our warehouse to your receiver, we will be sending you the tracking code to track your gift to figure out where it is at the moment. So, you will not miss any minute wondering what happened to the hamper pack sent to your loved ones.
When will they receive my gift?

You will be notified to your email with the shipping tracking code within 24 hours as soon as we dispatched your hamper packfrom our warehouse to your recipient. So, simply visit hamperor.com. We guarantee your hamper pack will be delivered within 3 to 10 business days within Australia. You are most welcome to ring us at 1300 52 92 93 or simply Text, Whatsapp, Viber your order number to +61424258949 or chat us at Hamperor. You satisfaction is our priority. You will love the way process your order and keep you happier.

I want to get refund.

Sure, if you mistakenly made an order or any other reason feel to ask refund you will not be asked any question and we will refund according to our Return Policy.

Kindly allow 10 – 20 business days to refund and proceed your next order with hamperor.com