Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 20 September 2020.


  • This website at www.hamperor.com is a gift shopping website where you can browse, select and order products advertised on the Site from Hamperor.
  • Please read these terms and conditions sometime recently getting to or utilizing the Site. If you’re beneath 18 years old, at that point, you must get your parent or guardian’s consent before accessing the site.
  • Your get to and browse of the site, counting you arrange of Items through the site, is subject to these terms and conditions.
  • The terms and conditions moreover apply to the deal of any Items using strategies other than the site, counting deals by phone, in individual or other implied, unless something else concurred in writing.


  • The data contained in this Site is given in great confidence on an “as is” premise. The Vender does not speak to or warrant the unwavering quality, exactness, or completeness of the data contained on this Site.
  • To the degree allowed by law, Dealer isn’t responsible or obligated for any Liabilities (coordinate, backhanded, or significant misfortunes and harms) emerging in any way (counting without confinement carelessness) for blunders in, or exclusions from, the data in this Site.


Intellectual Property

  • acknowledge that the copyright within the Site, the computer program, plan, text, and design comprised within the Site, the determination and format of the Site and the substance and materials on the Site (together, the Material) are claimed by or authorized to us;
  • must not adjust, duplicate, adjust, store in a recovery framework, duplicate, transfer, post, transmit, offer, disseminate in any way or communicate to the open a Material without our earlier written consent; and
  • must not outline or insert in another site any of the material showing up on this Site without our prior composed consent.
  • You may: • store a propagation of the substance on this Site on your neighborhood computer for the sole reason of seeing the substance and Materials; and
  • This Site, the Items, and any subordinate materials or records claimed or utilized by Seller.


  • Seller does not claim that any data (counting any records) gotten from or through this Site is free from viruses or other issues or defects.
  • You are responsible for checking any data for viruses.
  • You concur that Dealer has no duty or risk to you or any other individual for any misfortune or harm (whether coordinate, circuitous, considerable or financial), in any case of the cause, carelessness or something else, which may be the coordinate or roundabout result of any such information.
  • If Vender is found to be obligated this will be constrained to the fetched of providing the data again.


Changes to these terms and conditions

  • If you’ve got an order that has been acknowledged by us, the terms and conditions that will apply to that order are the terms and conditions that are connected at the time you put your arrangement. We cannot change the terms and conditions which apply to a given order after that order is acknowledged by us.
  • we may alter these terms and conditions at any time, and such adjustments will be viable as before long as they are posted. By proceeding to utilize the Site after these terms and conditions have been adjusted, you agree to be bound by the changes to these terms and conditions.


  • You may complete the client enlistment process through the Site sometime recently putting an order for Items through the Site. Any individual data that you simply provide us will be held and utilized by us in understanding with our Security Approach contained on this Site.

Placing an Order for Products

  • You may arrange Items by selecting and submitting your order through the Site in agreement with these terms and conditions.
  • Any order set through this Site for an Item is an offer by you to buy the specific item for the cost informed (counting the conveyance and other charges and charges) at the time you put the order.
  • By putting an order through this Site, you acknowledge these terms and conditions and recognize and concur to tolerate these terms and conditions.
  • The Vender must get installment in full for the Items at the time the order is set by you. Once installment had been made, we are going send an electronic arrange affirmation and organize for the expedite of the Product.
  • We may inquire you to supply extra points of interest or require you to affirm your subtle elements to empower us to handle any orders put through the Site.
  • You concur to supply us with current, total, and precise subtle elements when inquired to do so by the Site.

Acceptance or dismissal of an order

  • Any electronic receipt or another frame of order affirmation given to you does not mean our acknowledgment of your order.
  • We save the proper to acknowledge or dismiss your arrange for any reason, counting (without limitation) if the asked Product isn’t accessible, on the off chance that there’s a mistake within the cost or the item portrayal posted on the Site or in your order. In case a substitute Item is provided due to inaccessibility, we’ll give a substitution thing equal to or more noteworthy than the first item.
  • Each arrange put for Items through the Site or any other means that we acknowledge comes about in a partitioned authoritative understanding between you and us for the supply of those Items. For each arrange acknowledged by us, we are going supply the Items in that order to you in understanding with these terms and conditions.
  • If we dismiss an order set through the Location, at that point, we are going try to inform you of that dismissal at the time you put the arrange or inside a reason.


Cancelling an order 

  • Before the alacrity of an order, we may cancel all or any portion of an arrange (counting any orders that we have acknowledged) without any obligation to you for that cancellation if:
  • the asked Items in that arrange are not accessible, or • there is a blunder within the cost or the item depiction posted on the Site or in any other deals stage in connection to the significant Item in that order;
  • we consider that the postage cost chosen within the checkout does not coordinate the appropriate cost for the conveyance address; • your arrange weight surpasses our maximum postal conveyance weight (in which case we are going contact you to form elective arrangements where possible), or
  • that order has been set in breach of these terms and conditions. •


  • If we do so, at that point we are going try to supply you with sensible take note of that cancellation, and will not charge you for the canceled arrange if we cancel it sometime recently the conveyance date or in case you’re not at blame or in breach of these terms and conditions.
  • Orders may not be canceled once submitted using this site or utilizing any other strategy of the deal. Ought to you want to correct your delivery address or contact points of interest earlier to the arrange being dispatched, it would be ideal if you Contact Us and we are going endeavor to help you.

Delivery of products

  • Please see the Shipping section of this Site for information on delivery times and costs.

Prices, expenses, and charges

  • The costs of Items and conveyance and other charges shown on this Site are current at the time of issue, in any case, Vender saves the correct to alter costs at any time before we acknowledge an order from you.
  •  All costs that appeared on this Location are in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • We will charge you, and you concur to pay, the taking after expenses and charges in connection to an order that we acknowledge (as applicable):
  • the purchase price of each item that’s ordered;
  • the conveyance charge for conveying the items to you; and
  • any other expenses and charges set out in these terms and conditions.
  • All expenses and charges distinguished in these terms and conditions and all costs for the Items as appeared on the Location are comprehensive of GST (unless something else shown).
  • When seeing items in a cash other than Australian Dollars (AUD), these costs are based on an exchange rate of the day and may change. Critically, after you are billed, you’ll be charged within the Australian Dollar sum (AUD), not the chosen money. The outside cash sum appeared on your credit card will be diverse to that shown on the site due to trade rate contrasts and other expenses charged by your Credit card dealer.

Warranty and liability


  • Seller acknowledges risk for all lawful ensures and guarantees communicated or suggested to the exchanges beneath the Australian Consumer Law in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth.
  • Where we are allowed by law
  • we don’t warrant or speak to the appropriateness of the Location or an Item for any reason; and
  • we will not be at risk to you for backhanded and significant misfortune (counting without confinement for loss of income, loss of benefits, a disappointment to figure it out anticipated benefits or reserve funds, and any other commercial or financial misfortune of any kind) or misfortune or debasement of information, in contract, tort, beneath any statute or something else (counting carelessness) emerging from or associated to the Location or the Item.
  • Our obligation to you for loss or harm of any kind emerging out of this agreement or in association with the relationship set up by it is diminished to the degree (in case any) simply cause or contribute to the misfortune or harm. This lessening applies whether our obligation is in contract, tort (counting carelessness), beneath any statute, or something else.


  • Unless you inform seller to the opposite by e-mail inside 3 to 5 days of conveyance of any Items and such notice is affirmed by return mail inside that day of its receipt by Vender, the Items might be regarded to have been acknowledged by you.
  • Damage/opened of sealed items on returns will not be accepted as returned refund maybe up to 30days
  • We do not pay to return courier charges unless otherwise its our fault.
  • Please see Returns on the site for more data on Seller’s Return Policy.

Termination and/or suspension of account

  • We may end this understanding for comfort at any time on taking notes to you. Without qualifying the prior, we may promptly suspend, end, or restrain your get to and utilize of the Location and (where important) your account on the off chance that we sensibly suspect that you have committed the false act and/or you breach these terms and conditions.


Gift Vouchers

  • Gift Vouchers may be utilized at any time and must be recovered at the Site. • If the esteem of the Item is more than the sum of the Blessing Voucher, you’ll pay the remaining exceptional sum at checkout.
  • If the esteem of the Item is less than the sum of the Blessing Voucher, then the change will stay on the Blessing Voucher.


  • You recognize and concur to supply the proper mail address as Blessing Vouchers will be sent through the mail (not post). • Gift Vouchers are not refundable for cash and are substantial for six (6) months from the date of issue.



Alter of Intellect Returns We don’t offer discounts for blessings that are transported and conveyed to the beneficiary without any damage. In case you’ve got gotten something that was out of date, broken, or harmed, it would be ideal if you contact our customer benefit group, and we’ll be beyond any doubt to supplant those things for you. If you are doing wish to swap a thing we would be cheerful to send you another thing once we have gotten the initial thing back at our stockroom in its unique unopened condition. Any extra costs for the substitution thing such as conveyance, or any distinction in costs, would need to be paid for earlier to shipping. The taken a toll of returning the Item by post is at your cost, unless defective. Returns must be sent by you at your fetched employing a trackable or signed-for conveyance benefit, such as an enlisted post. A ask for a discount can be made for a blessing that has not however dispatched up to the greatest of 90 days from arrange. No discounts will be payable after this time. Faulty Products

In case any Product is defective, not of merchantable quality, not fit for its expecting reason, or does not coordinate the portrayal at that point it would be ideal if you contact us by mail at service@hamperor.com and one of our Client Benefit Group will help along with your ask. Hamperor will offer a substitution Item, credit note, or discount at its caution subject to the prerequisites of the Australian Shopper Law in Plan 2 of the Competition and Customer Act. Hamperor will assess your return ask and send you a full return enlightening and return address. The postage fetched for the return will be borne by you but where Hamperor along these lines considers the returned Item defective, not of merchantable quality, not fit for its planning reason or that it does not coordinate the portrayal on the Location in which case Hamperor will discount the postage taken a toll to you.

If you don’t mind be aware that you must guarantee that your returned thing comes to us securely. Hamperor is not obligated for the misfortune or harm of return things in travel. If you don’t mind utilize a traceable conveyance strategy and keep a record of your following number. Hamperor will e-mail you to affirm when a return has been gotten by us.